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This software controls professional theater dimmers with the DMX-512 protocol using the DMX4Linux drivers, and is meant to write and run relatively simple shows with a minimum of hassle and feature-bloat.  It is inspired by the popular Horizon by Horizon Control.  Useful features include automated follow and cue looping, but the real gain is in consistency: 90 second crossfades happen smoothly and precisely.

This software is written using the QT toolkit.  It will be available in source-code only until someone convinces me otherwise.  (Gooooood luck!)

For more information, see the README

Current (semi) stable version: 0.98


Older versions, historical interest only:


Please note, this is still BETA software.  There very well might be bugs that I'm not aware of. Use at your own risk! This is not meant to scare you off, though;  I have written and run a full show with this software. It is functional now.

Obligatory screen shots

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